Many of you have asked me for advice on framing your prints or canvas prints.

First of all, it is important that you consider what effect you want on your walls. A natural, colored or metallic frame? Depending on the decoration of your wall, you will already have some clues to choose the frame best suited to your interior.

Do you also want it to take up space on your wall or blend in with other wall decor? If you want an A4 size print to take up space on your wall, I recommend you buy an A3 size frame with a pass-through for A4 size, so your frame will take up more space on your wall and will seem less "alone".

One last piece of advice for your framing to go well: remove the paper sheet in the background of your frame and stick with double-sided tape your reproduction on the wooden background of the frame. It will not move or fall off this way ;)

Here are the frames and sizes that I recommend:

For A4 prints:

A4 size: 21,29,7cm (no margins on final prints).

Use an A4 frame or an A3 frame with a pass-through for A4.

- A4 in wood with magnetic clip and transparent background:

-A3 in wood with A4 mat :

- A4 poster clips :

- All sizes handmade posters frames :

For Canvas :

Art With Your Vibes collection: 40x40cm.

I recommend framing the canvas with floater frames

-All sizes floaters frames:

-40x40cm floater frames:éricaine-Toile-Americaine-Largeur/dp/B00H79DS2E?th=1

If you live in Australia, here is a list of recommended stores for your frames :

Kmart, Officeworks, Temple & Webster, Olive et Oriel, Country Road

If you live in Canada, here is a list of recommended stores for your frames :

Ikea, Grif & Graf,

I will try to add more links to this catalog of recommendations in the coming weeks.

If you have any suggestions for businesses with beautiful frames, I'd love to hear them too :)

Well, I hope it helps, do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comment section below, I would be happy to answer and share everything I can with you guys!



As the launch of my new collection approached, all I needed to do was to take photos of the paintings, I was looking for a way to stage them for a poetic rendering and to pay homage to the meaning of each painting.

Melanie, a photographer friend of mine arrived from nowhere for a few weeks, 3 houses away from mine! This synchronicity was a delight and we were able to do a photoshoot that exceeded all my expectations!

Thank you life :)I leave you with Melanie's pictures (find the link to her website at the bottom of this post).

Here is the website of the talented photographer, Mélanie :