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I am Chloe, a French painter. You will find me in the Landes country when I am not traveling with my backpack, my pencils and lost in my imagination ;)


My love for art and everything related to creation goes back to my youngest age. Very early on, my grandmothers introduced me to their respective passions: painting on one side and sewing on the other... and I love to mix the two through my artistic researches, a kind of ancestral homage. And even if painting prevails, I see the act of sewing and weaving beyond its practical meaning, weaving together life's encounters, assembling ideas that lead to new horizons to explore. 




"Seeing the world with the eyes of a child". A phrase by Henri Matisse who follows me in every gesture, every experience of my daily life. Whether in the depths of Asia, Australia, or in a simple moment of everyday life, wonder can be constant if we allow it to enter our lives. Through my artistic work, I am constantly seeking to find this zone of wonder, of discovery beyond what we know. And sharing it with you is both a great joy and a great fear because it involves revealing myself and exposing my vulnerability to the world. 



This need to discover, explore and understand the world transcends me. I remember spending hours and hours escaping through books on First Peoples and world atlases when I could barely read. My artistic research consciously or unconsciously captures this fascination with the beauty, variety, and magic of our planet. A palette of colors that includes the ochre tones of the earth and the blues of the sky and the ocean; forms inspired by nature's patterns... this is what makes my creativity vibrate every day.



Travelling also means discovering the other. This "other" who intrigues us, who upsets us, and sometimes frightens us... Going towards one's neighbor is to finally break this mental barrier, this illusion of separation which generates fear. To go towards the other is to open up to a universe rich and full of discoveries, a mirror that also helps us to rediscover ourselves. 

Our planet is inhabited by 8 billion Universes at the same time unique but all connected, isn't it fascinating? Celebrating humanity in all its unity and uniqueness is close to my heart, and I am truly happy to share it with you.