Chlo HEJ

Welcome to my world


I would like to invite you into my art studio and look at the world as I see it...


I like to see the world as a child, being amazed by all that is new and beautiful. I am learning to let my creativity guide me to create works that are simply a reflection of my perception of the world.


Mostly simply through painting, sometimes more elaborate by mixing different media to sublimate the world and the living that make it so magical.

New collection online


This collection is inspired by YOU, by the beauty of each human and by nature. 

We are all beautiful, unique and we all have our own magic, which reveals itself when we are in the right environment.


Since each of you is unique, I have created a very special collection where you can customize your image, 

and then add your personal touch by marking the artwork with your handprints and those of your tribe.


A unique piece of art that reflects you and celebrates your uniqueness and the people you love the most.


Greatest hits