Her Way

« She moves in her own way

Seeking for her destiny.

Dancing with the moon»


Between two worlds

Original Paintings and Talismans Collection


About Chloé

With soft yet vibrant paintings that celebrate good vibes and the beauty of nature, Chlo Hej has developed an art that makes people feel special. She is passionate about making visible the creative energies that occur in the unknown and the unseen, but connect us all together. By leaving aside any preconceived ideas when she creates, Chloe likes to let a part of her art making itself. 


No matter what you see through her work, it’s more important what you feel. Because that feeling, she believes, is a response to the energy that vibrates from the artwork, part of the same energy that flows through her when she creates.


She believes that art can be an empowering experience in the spaces where we live in, at home, in the office or on the street.