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Pièce originale // Original piece





Acrylic painting on canvas, hand stretched canvas on metal strapping + mixed materials




When I start a painting, I usually do not know how it is going to look like. I explore and enjoy the process.


For this painting, a shadow of a dolphin showed itself at the very beginning. For the first time, I decided to keep going on this work without drawing any mandala, just letting go with the flow.


This work is called "Liberation" because I experimented a state of freedom while painting it. 


Here is a beautiful of the symbol of dolphins that resonates with this piece of work :

"Dolphins balance their animal nature with a higher intelligence. They trust their instincts and intuition rather than overthinking things. They live peacefully with other species, including humans. It isn’t uncommon for dolphins to swim and play around swimmers and boats. Their gentle natures remind us to look for the good in everyone and strive to bring peace to our lives and those around us."

  • Description française

    Lorsque je commence une peinture, je ne sais pas où je vais. J’explore. Pour cette peinture, le dauphin s’est manifestée presque dès les premiers coups de pinceaux? Une tâche très lumineuse, se dessinant au travers d'un océan turquoise en mouvement. 


    Pour la première fois, j'ai décidé de laisser aller mon pinceau, sans prendre le parti de composer un mandala à l'intérieur de mon cercle.


    Ce travail s'appelle "Libération" car c'est excatement la sensation que j'ai pu avoir lors de sa création... la liberté, l'état de flow, entre méditation et amusement.