Handprints fascinate me, they are one of the only evidence of our passage on earth. When I visited a 5000 year old sacred cave in Australia, it really touched me.

I could put my hand next to it, observe, dialogue, dream with this other hand that a person put in paint thousands of years ago. A physical and very real trace of a person who lived there, in the same place where I was at this very moment.

main, empreinte, cave, rupestre, symbole, 5000ans

An experience that brought me back to the most beautiful and most primitive part of our humanity. We are only passing through on Earth for the time of a blink of an eye on the scale of the universe.

Art has the power to leave a trace of our existence.

Art reminds us in a sensitive way what has been and what is no longer.

Art speaks a universal language. This hand which fascinated me so much in this cave told a story by its unique presence, by its shape, its size, the disposition of its fingers. A simplicity and a purity that tells a lot.

This new collection is finally only a pretext to offer you this opportunity to leave a trace, a footprint, the testimony of your passage on Earth. Yours and your loved ones. To symbolize also this strong link which unites you and gathers you, all as imperfect as we are.

The events we have gone through this year have made us realize how vulnerable life is. How much we can miss the people who are so important and familiar to us when we are deprived of seeing them, touching them, kissing them.

As a tribute to the people who give us this inner strength, this strength that allows us to move forward each day on our path, this collection was thought so that you can anchor & ink forever a trace of those you love.

picture by Mélanie Gilson

I must admit that I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I think about how much I wish I could have kept this physical imprint of my grandparents. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them and I dedicate this collection to them with all my love.

I hope you will enjoy this new project and that it will touch you as much as it has touched me. I invite you to take a look at my guide to see which painting will suit you best, and why not share with me the one that resonates with you in the comments?

Create your own canvas here or go to the shop and choose your favorite one here :)

All my love to you,


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