Mural paintings

The very first time I have been asked to paint on a wall, it was for a restaurant in Lombok, Indonesia. I remember feeling very nervous, with trembling hands, and asking myself why on earth I said yes to this project. But, when I drew my first line on the wall, suddenly everything seemed easy to me, like if I had done this many times before. A strong feeling I will never forget.

When I paint on walls, there is something I cannot explain that gives me inspiration and power. Like if I were on a mission to find the best colors, the best patterns for the place. For each project, I put all my heart and my soul to deliver an art piece that will shine and bring the best vibes to the place and the people living in this place.

My dream is to make mural paintings all over the world, to connect with you, and transform the

best energies I can feel from you and your surrounding into art pieces on your walls. 

Jungle bench, Bali, 2020


When I first visited this place, I was amazed by the architecture and the cool atmosphere.

Little did I know that it will be my artistic playground for the next weeks ... 

More about this story coming soon


Underwater bench, Bali, 2020

Located in the same restaurant as the "Jungle Bench", this painting is inspired by the underwater world. I felt very inspired by the beauty of the ocean in Bali, and because the bench is situated by a swimming pool, I felt like it must bring a connection between those two water elements. 

More about this story coming soon


Familly Connexions, Chartres, 2020

I was fortunate enough to spend the first lockdown at my parents' house and to enjoy them as much as I could because I don't see them very often. 

One day, we all came up with the idea of making a mural painting that represents our family, that's how this mural painting came to life ! 

More about this story coming soon


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