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An ode to transition, to the leap from the known world to the unknown, which we all experience in our own way.


The beginning of this new series started this summer, on the beach. Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by this border between the ocean (the element of water) and the land (the element of earth). 


A place sometimes covered with sand, sometimes punctuated by cliffs or rocks. A place that leaves room for contemplation, for the imagination. 

Facing the ocean is to face an element on which we do not feel comfortable as humans. 

And yet, how many sailors, divers, surfers, swimmers feel good only in contact with it. 


Leaving the world we know for the unknown requires courage and leaving our comfort zone. And it is there that all the magic of life opens to us. 


This new collection is a metaphor for that. I have paid a lot of attention to this in-between space. Without shadow, light does not come out, just as without light, shadows do not create contrast. 


Blue, the color of water, of emotions, of imagination, meets the beige of sand, but also of skin, which anchors us in the earth and matter.


I see this new collection as a gentle reminder that whispers in our ears to stay connected within. It is there to instill the courage to cross our inner boundaries and explore what is happening outside our comfort zone.