Ever since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by creating and drawing. As long as I remember, I used to draw mermaids to my friends when I was three years old !

When I grew up, I took a lot of classes of drawing, painting, plastic arts and eventually I became an architect.

After 5 years working in France and abroad for various architecture offices, I realized that my heart beat for something else. This tiny little voice in my head kept whispering : " go back to painting, go back to art, that's where you belong..." Today it feels like this time was an other life, the life when I was living next to my life. And today, despite all the challenges that being freelancer involves, I know in the deepest way that I am on my path.

My artistic word is a reflexion of my past experiences and my inner path. From a very early age, I have been initiated by my two grand mother to the art of mandalas, drawing, painting but also sewing and even mythes of our world.  Those arts and techniques follow me and evolve with me along the years, they are my identity and my precious allies when my imagination is about to explode et when different energies flow with passion from my heart to my hands who paint, draw, create, tear, sew...

Art for me is a way to show what's around us, though my eyes and my sensibility. As said the great artist Paul Klee : "Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.". the sacred is everywhere, and being aware of it help us to remember the ephemeral nature of our life on our beautiful planet Earth. 

I do love drawing energies, nature, elements, the univers and I am fascinated by geometrical design ! All of those are the essence of my work and are the foundations of my artistic world.  I hope my creations will inspire you and will help you to create your own sacred space too where harmonie and gratitude will shine in you life. 

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